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Boxer — Age 1
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Bambi in October 2013
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Bambi in July 2012
Bambi is our foster boxer. She has lived with us for 15 months. She was surrendered to Northern Plains Boxer Rescue, When she arrived in rescue she was barely 27 pounds when she should have been at least 40 pounds. From day one it was a struggle getting her to eat. We ran many tests at the vet and came up with no physical problems as to why she wouldn't or couldn't eat. For the first two weeks I cooked and presented her with any type of food under the sun. Her previous home fed her Beneful and I was desperate enough to even try feeding her that horrible food just to get her to eat something. Finally she started nibbling at the puppy food we put out, Blue Buffalo. Even though she started eating, I still struggled to get her to eat more. Then 3 months ago, at the suggestion of a holistic vet as a food to give to our personal boxer fighting lymphoma, we tried some samples of Honest Kitchen. When our Jax didn't eat the food one day, I offered it to Bambi. And SHE ATE IT! I was floored. Bambi has never ate an entire serving of food. Since that day I have been giving Bambi Honest Kitchen mixed in with her regular food. She's still particular in how the food is prepared. She won't eat Honest Kitchen straight but she will eat her food with Honest Kitchen poured over her food like a gravy, it's stewlike consistency. In the last three months she has gained 8 pounds and is now a 40 pound girl. For her petite build she looks awesome now, even though a 40 pound boxer is very small.

We are so happy we finally found some food that Bambi will eat and actually focus on eating. Bambi will always live in our home as a 'sanctuary care' dog for the rescue. Besides weight issues, we are dealing with other aggression issues that stem from her being taken away from her family at 4 weeks old, being so sick with parvo that she almost died, and then being hit by a car at 4 months old breaking her pelvis. She missed some badly needed puppy socialization and has ongoing problems. We love Bambi and we are pleased that thanks to Honest Kitchen food, we can keep her at a healthy weight.

Not only has Bambi benefited, but we have started feeding the same stewlike food to our other boxers as well. We are pleased to find that their coats are now shiny and soft. We are sold with Honest Kitchen products and will continue to feed all of our dogs the food supplemented with their dry food.

Thank you so much!
Sally Keller
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