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Beagle — Age 15
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Our Baska posing for you!
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Sleeping Princess
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Baska an Baby
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Smelling for tomatoes...told you I had a good nose!
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Those Thunder Shirts work well.
Baska joined our family at 6 weeks and 2 1/2 pounds. Her name is the village in Croatia where my mother in law was born. (For a lovely place to see on the Adriatic look up Baska Croatia on the Island of Krk)
At 15 years old Baska has had new adventures in her life. She recently relocated from Indiana to Colorado and has done a nice job of adapting to her new environment and lifestyle.
She has some health issues with a heart murmur and thyroid issues. Over the past year she has developed full grown cataracts and can no longer see.
But her beagle nose keeps her in business.
The Honest Kitchen dog food has been her favorite thing since her move here. For a frail old beagle, your food has kept her fit and kicking.
Thank you from us and from Baska!
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