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Jack Russell Terrier — Age 12
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No lie, my 12 year old male was diagnosed with parvo right after we moved to a new home. Vaccinated his whole existence with me, and OLD, the test came back positive. He had spent two hours just throwing up everywhere. It was a rough three days. He NEVER leaves the house, as he cannot walk on a leash, and he had not come in to contact with any canines since his last vet visit. His only contact was his Jack siblings and foster siblings, all negative. We did research and found a dog can be senior and vaccinated, and get parvo, and it can live in soil for up to three years! But they also felt something underlying was going on, pancreatitis or some GI issue that was not showing on his blood work. He had lost over a pound in three months, which is a lot for a small dog. He had been 15.5# for SIX YEARS, and now had dropped to 14.4. Anyways, after three days of IVs and love, he seemed back to normal, but as days went by, he would occasionally throw up his food. I decided he needed to go to a low impact food, NO rosemary or other items that would trigger epileptic episodes, and hopefully heal his tummy. I am the regional representative for Russell Rescue, Inc, the official rescue of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America. I see tons of dogs. Tons. Jacks are prone to skin issues and are so darn finicky. But with fosters, it is hard to afford a product like HK. Thankfully, a support heard my plight, saw I was researching the HK Brave, and offered to purchase that product, as well as the Gastrointestinal Support powder. After one week of bowl licking pleasure, this kid has not had one episode of discomfort. I have been so pleased. Yes, I sis add in a little Famotidine (pepcid) but I really believe that the six ingredient minimalist diet worked wonders for his tummy. He was already on Halo Salmon/Whitefish Grain Free, but this has been a relief! I thank you for this product and am pressing paws that it continues to improve and stabilize. Bear (rescued in Big Bear CA on 01/21/2008) will be ~13 in January, and I know he couldn't be happier right now!

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