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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 2
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Meet BEAU, our 2 year old yorkie/poodle/affenpinscher rescue pup.
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BEFORE - Beau, after living a rough life on the streets - one giant mat.
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AT THE RESCUE GROUP - shaved, red toes, black eyes, scared.
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AFTER - Healthy and happy. Life is good!!
When we adopted Beau, he was in rough shape, and looked like he had lived on the streets for quite a while. The rescue group shaved him, and discovered he was essentially one giant mat. We began transitioning him to grain-free raw, and fortunately found The Honest Kitchen. Yay! At first, his nose and paws were dry and cracked, and his toes were red. His fur was patchy in a few places. His eyes were hardly distinguishable as brown... they were a dark gray color with barely identifiable pupils. Now, after 3 months, he's healthy, feeling great, and beautiful. He loves his food, and I love feeding it to him.

Just this week, we adopted a second rescue sweetie. She's had her first taste of THK now too. I'm pretty sure I saw rainbows and butterflies emanating from her body while she ate. LOL!!
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