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Pomeranian — Age 7
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Bella; My Beautiful Pomeranian :)
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Bella loves her warm fresh Honest Kitchen meals :)
My tiny Pomeranian Bella has a paralyzed hind leg and wears a walking boot every day until bedtime. Her paw pad was losing condition and she developed dermatitis and overall coat and skin decline. I always fed high end organic grain free dog food, but was upset to learn the same low end, often recalled foods shared the factory that was processing her food! I was also concerned about the nutrient value of dry kibble, so I mixed her kibble with warm water, canned food and added sea meal (kelp), coconut oil and flax.

Then, I discovered The Honest Kitchen! Embark contains everything in a recall free, totally holistic, human grade Fresh Warm High Nutrient Meal for my baby girl :) Zeal is a lower fat choice, so I plan to alternate between the two. She loves it, and her skin issues have disappeared! Thank you Honest Kitchen, from tiny Bella and me :)
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