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Collie — Age 3
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Bella waiting for her turn sheepherding
The first year on my pup's life was really hard. She was rejected by her mom and force fed because she wouldn't take the bottle. When she came to me she had such a bad association with food that she wouldn't eat. Nothing would make her eat on her own, and she would have low sugar episodes, and once ended up in the ER. I had to force feed her until she was one year old. Since you can make the HK formulas more or less liquid, it was easy for me to prepare them, and I knew that she was getting everything she needed to be healthy.
She has now graduated to eating on her own. Her favorite formula is Preference hydrated in goat's milk and mixed with raw meat. When we travel her choice is Love with goat's milk and pieces of freeze dried meat. She also likes her food hydrated in ice pups.
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