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I wanted to take a minute to let you all know about how a Vet visit went the other day. I took my Bella (English Bulldog) to the her Vet last week for a well girl. I drive quite a ways to go to THE bulldog Vet in these parts (Kansas City). He sees several bulldogs a day as people come from far and wide for him. Literally! After his exam, he said to me of her, (speaking purely from a health standpoint) she is the best looking bulldog I’ve seen in a LONG time. He marveled at her beautiful coat and healthy skin. As you may or may not know bulldogs can have a lot of skin issues. He also said her wrinkles ( another area of issue for bullies) were amazingly clean & dry and no staining what so ever! He just really couldn’t believe her condition of health. Then he started to drill me about what I feed her and her entire feeding protocol, admitting that nutrition is not his area. Believe me, I told him all about Honest Kitchen. He mentioned people ask him all the time about feeding raw but he wasn’t familiar. I pointed to Bella and told him that she is the result! He asked me to write it all down and send it to him as he was very interested.

I couldn’t have been a prouder mom! I’m still glowing at his admiration of her health.

She’s a very active bulldog and even learned to swim, with a life vest of course. My wish is to give her a full lifetime of healthy & fun activies. I know that HK is the best foundation I have for this!!

Thanks so much for the wonderful products. I’ll never feed anything but Honest Kitchen!
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