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Other (dog) — Age 3
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wishing for more food
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lazy and a bit overweight while on kibble
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running at the dog park, skinny, shiny coat and one happy hermie
Bellatrix has always had a sensitive stomach, vomiting on a regular basis from about 6 months of age on. We've seen several vets over it, run numerous tests and spent tons of money only to have her still vomiting. It wasn't all the time, but she would have spells of vomiting. We switched from grain free food, to prescription foods....tried medications, you name it. When I asked our vet about switching to a raw diet, he didn't recommend it.
Well after years of this problem I finally asked our wonderful woman at her daycare for some help. They suggested Honest Kitchen. I decided to try the Zeal formula and I'm so glad I did! Not only has she been vomit free since we began in April of 2012, but she's lost weight, her energy is like a puppy again and she gets compliments all the time on her shiny coat. Her Facebook page comments are complimentary over her coat and how healthy she looks. The improvement in her overall health is beyond anything I could have imagined.
We went back to our vet recently for our vaccinations and he couldn't believe the change. I told him about Honest Kitchen and have changed his mind about kibble. I've recommended it to many people and have convinced them to give it a try. I wish I hadn't waited so long!
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  2. Dehydrated - Grain Free Fruit & Veggie Base Mix (Preference)

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