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Siberian Husky — Age 13
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Here is our birthday boy enjoying some doggie ice cream!

Our boy, Ben is a picky eater. He thinks he is human when it comes to food. We laugh here at home about how if he were human he would be an old man that loves coffee, women, and CHICKEN! He has often been one to come to the plate for a minute and then walk away from the kibble and not eat it. And he has held out for up to 2 days before. So when my golden retriever at age 3 weighed in at 118 pounds, we started making our own food which consisted of: chicken, barley, carrots, peas, apples, sweet potatoes, and some flax seed with berries for her urinary tract. She is now down to 80 pounds after 3 months of switching her food. This is a lot of work, but it costs less than vet bills, and buying kibble for 3 large dogs. And Ben was so happy to eat at every feeding! I have since then become more busy with our two children at home, and was looking for a way to make less work for myself, but keep a healthy comparable diet for my other 4 legged children. I found THK food and all of them love it! Our main concern when we bought a sample was Ben who is the picky eater. But he cried for it and ate it all up just like a puppy! Thank you for the food from all of us here in Alta Loma, CA!

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