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Shih Tzu — Age 3
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Bentley needs a bit of a trim!
We found Bentley in the local city pound, and he looked terrible. As a Shih Tzu with long hair, he had been abandoned and left behind a high school for who knows how long. His hair was so matted, the pound couldn't even clean him up, and were probably going to put him down since no one would take him. We took him, and immediately took him to the vet for his shots, because the groomer wouldn't see him without them. The vet had a really hard time getting through the matting to give him his shots, and then chip him. Then he went to the groomer. It took them hours, and they ended up having to use razor blades to slowly cut the fur away. He was bald for awhile, but he was clean! Now he is the epitome of a lap dog, never wanting to be far from us. He's a great dog, although he's a little shy around other dogs still.
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