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Old English Sheepdog — Age 6
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Touchy stomach - very easily upset!
Bentley has always had a very touchy stomach. We have frequently had to deal with him throwing up bile and having diarrhea. When our daughter told us about The Honest Kitchen, after research, we decided to try it. Initially Bentley liked it but after a few days wouldn't eat it all. We changed revel from beef to chicken, after a few days he would only eat part of what we fed him. Knowing this was very good food for him we went on the Honest Kitchen web site, read the testimonials and subsequently found the recipe for chicken, rice, cottage cheese and eggs mixed with revel. We knew immediately that this would be our solution!! We made up the mixture and he inhaled it!! (Whenever he had an upset stomach we fed him rice, cottage cheese and eggs to get his system back on track and he always loved it.) Now we alternate between a chicken and rice recipe with chicken based revel and beef and rice recipe with beef based revel and he absolutely loves it. After approximately 3 months of use Bentley's weight has dropped about 4 pounds to exactly where the vet wants it to be and we have had not stomach issues since we switched. We and he really appreciate the Honest Kitchen!
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