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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 5
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Berwyn is a rescue who has a history of food issues., beginning with when he was first found. Of course he was very territorial when it came to food, and often would bite the hand putting the food into his dish. Over time he learned to trust his owners and fellow canine housemates, and eventually became a very picky (slow) eater. He enjoyed his usual lamb & rice kibble, but often showed little excitement for it and often failed to finish his serving.

However, all this changed when his owners decided to let him try Halcyon from The Honest Kitchen. After his first taste, his attitude about meal times changed from lethargy to manic excitement. As soon as his bowl is lifted off the floor, he knows he is in for a delicious good time. The anticipation of waiting 3 minutes for his bowl to reconstitute, at times seems like a torture to him, but with time he has learned to be more patient.

Needless to say he has yet to leave an unfinished bowl since switching, unless you count the one day when his owners ran out & asked him to eat some of his old kibble. Berwyn was not only sad, but just couldn't go back to the old stale kibble.

Berwyn is now a fan of The Honest Kitchen for life!

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