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American Shorthair — Age 5
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Biff and My Baby
To talk about my cat, first I need to talk about my son. My son, Earl, was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. Just after 2, in fact. He had been a regularly developing child until about 18 months, even speaking a few words, then suddenly, he stopped. He even stopped saying the few words he had learned, and rather withdrew into a kind of shell. We took him to the doctor, who sent us to a few specialists. They informed us he had a type of retro autism, and would need special school and extra training and counseling to help. At first, nothing worked. He just sat and stared at random things, or cried and cried, and since he couldn't talk, we always had a hard time finding out what was wrong. Around this time, however, he started looking at this one picture book of animals we had got him, particularly the C page, so we figured, it's something, right? We went to our local Humane Society and walked into the kitten room. Immediately, this one tiny little black kitten started climbing all over us, eventually ending up on Daddy's shoulder, so it was decided. We put a hold on the kitten and went to leave, to come back in a few days to take the kitten home. My son did NOT want to leave. He just wanted to stay and pet this fuzzball. When we did come to get him, it was the day before Christmas, and the kitten slept in my son's room that night, right on the pillow next to his head. They've been inseparable ever since. My son will even take the kitty into the bath, and they will both escape unscathed! In fact, the cat, who we named Biff, has never scratched my son at all. My son has been very attentive towards Biff, and even started babbling at him, and seemed to be trying to copy his meows. Two months after we got Biff, my son said his first word in over a year. "Kitty." Of course. Now, 4 years later, my son is a happy, healthy boy of 6, and continues to quickly advance, and is nearly at the level of others his own age. I truly believe that Biff helped spark his advancement. Biff's attentiveness back towards my son and his utter patience and devotion to little Earl have been nothing short of amazing to me. He is also a very sweet and loving pet to the rest of us as well. And yes, we are quite sure he is a cat, even if he does seems to have the loyalty of a dog. Above all else, he is just what we needed, when we needed it, and I want to make sure that he has a long, happy, healthy life too, which is why I searched for a healthy food, and found you. Thanks!
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