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Other (dog) — Age 2
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Not too long ago, Bigsby was diagnosed with Stage 2 Mast Cell Tumor. We got this news just weeks before his 2 year birthday. We were heart broken. Since it was located on his back leg, news was even more hard for him. There isnt must skin in that erea and once the tumor was removed they didnt know if he would be able to heal properly. If this news wasnt enough, due to his stage of tumor and breed they didnt have much faith that he wouldnt have another tumor appear.

With all of this at once, I went into frantic mom mode! I started questioning the food he was eating. Now the food he was on, was to be the best of the best of the dry kibble world. But, Its not something I would eat..... I had recalled on PBS sunday morning news that they showed THK brand and gave it a good review. So i did my research and decided to give it a try.

We had him start this diet a few days before surgery and kept him on it after the removal of the tumor. He had a very larg erea and many of stitches. Again, given the location, they thought it would keep opening its self up. A few days later..... it was closing! Not only that, he was in such good spirits and boy was fur soft . THe vets were so impressed and he had his stitches taken out early due to such quick healing time.

Now I know that I cant expect for this food to keep him from having another tumor. However, I know that this food is healthy and something I can trust. So I know that I am giving him a fighting chance of fending of cancer and giving him a new start to life. I hope to have many more years with this silly little pug.
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