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Bobbi Sue

Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 13
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Thank you so much for the wonderful food you make!
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In the pool, at day camp
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With her "sister"
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Ready for her close up
Our elderly dog has irritable bowel and food allergies. She was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. The mass in her stomach was making it difficult for her to keep food down. She had very little appetite, and what she did eat - she'd throw it right back up. She was losing weight rapidly. We were so frightened that we would lose her, it seemed like she was dying. Our vet recommended that we get "high protein, high calorie" food for her, so we went up and down the dog food aisle in the store and came across the box of "Embark". It looked a little odd to us, but we're willing to try anything. OMG - she really loves it! She eats all of it, and even wants more! Best of all, she keeps it down. She hasn't thrown up once since we've switched. I can't say for sure that her life has been prolonged, but she's gone from thin and lethargic to full weight and energetic. I really am so grateful!
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