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Other (dog) — Age 8
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Bogie is an 8 year old miniature schnauzer diagnosed in September of 2012 with diabetes. The food that the vet recommended was a prescription diet dog food used for diabetics. Bogie was placed on insulin and fed the prescription diet food every 12 hours. Every other week we ran a blood glucose curve on Bogie and his blood glucose levels remained high, in the 300's. Bogie also started chewing on his paws and rubbing his face. The food had high amounts of corn in it and that most likely was contributing to his allergies. This continued for 5 months. Bogie was now on very high insulin levels and his blood glucose levels remained high, never going lower than the upper 200's. In November 2012 Bogie was found to have cataracts in both eyes and I was told he would be blind in 3 months. A friend of mine recommended that I look into Honest Kitchen Zeal. I knew I had to do something for Bogie because the current diet wasn't helping his diabetes or his health and I wanted to try to keep his cataracts from fully developing.

I decided to order a sample of Zeal for Bogie and he just devoured it. I then ordered a box of Zeal and in a 4 day period I switched him from the prescription diet to Zeal. It wasn't 3 days after the switch that Bogies blood glucose levels began to decrease to the lower 200's and in the following days he was down into the low to mid 100's and his insulin had to be decreased.

Bogie has now been on Zeal for one month now and his blood glucose is running 130 to 160 and his insulin has been decreased by 6 units. His cataracts haven't advanced and he is maintaining his sight. He has stopped chewing on his paws and rubbing his face. Bogie has also gained back some of the weight he had lost. He is energetic and has a beautiful shiny coat.

Bogie looks forward to his meals and licks his bowl clean. Words can't express how thankful I am that you have developed a healthy food that has worked so well for my diabetic dog. I have since place my other schnauzer on Thrive and am recommending to my family to also switch their dogs over to Honest Kitchen products.

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  2. Wishes® - Grain Free Fish Filets

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