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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Age 4
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Boo and his favorite pillow!
When I bought Boo, he was a big fur ball, but underneath all that fur, he was a nothing but skin and
bones. When I took him to the vet, Boo have pneumonia and an enlarged heart. He made it though his
already tough start in life.
After he was a year, I took him to Pullman Training Hospital to get his OFA for his heart. (Pullman is the
nearest to OFA clearance, 250 miles away) The testing should of taken less than an hour, but we waited
for 5 hours. Of course I was worried sick. Finally a vet came out to tell me Boo has a PDA and will need surgery as soon as possible. So a month later, again we head back to Pullman. They wanted to go though Boo's artery in his leg, less invasive, but that didn't work, so they needed to opened his chest up. He was quarantined for 6 weeks.
I was told that most puppies with a PDA's, generally do not survive past 2 weeks old. BOO is a survivor!!

At about 3 years old, Boo started rubbing himself against everything he could, plus, too me, it looked like he was air scratching. Huge indicator that he had SM. To test if he had SM, he would need to have an MRI done, this again is a very expensive test and we would have to go to Seattle to have this done. I live in Montana!
I started noticing that he pulling out his belly hair and scratching he side, not air scratching like I first thought!
He was already on a grain-free diet, so I tried a raw diet, I fed that for a few months and then found The Honest Kitchen!
Boo loves it. I feed him Thrive. He no longer itches, rubs himself, air scratches or pulls his hair out!
Also, Boo was some bit over weight, THK keeps Boo at his perfect weight!
He does have a grade 2 murmur.
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