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Doberman Pinscher — Age 7
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Boomer's big, scary yawn.
Boomer has had allergies and skin problems forever along with being overweight. I had tried everything, medicine, all kinds of foods with and without various grains, meats, etc. I even cooked for him and for a 134 lb dog, that is a lot of cooking! Nothing worked until I tried Honest Kitchen embark. He loves it, his skin and allergies are so much better and his coat is shiny. Also, he now weighs 115 lbs, down from 134 lbs and that really helps his arthritis. He still needs to lose some weight but he is doing good. The cat loves it too and sneaks up on the counter to eat it when it is soaking if we aren't looking. And it smells delicious. I keep thinking that if we had a bad tornado or something like that, we could all live on his food! I feel good that as he is getting older, he is getting a good quality food, too.
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