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German Shepherd — Age 3
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This is Borys he is a happy go lucky dog and we love him.
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Borys saying hi when we get home. Look at that smile
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Loves his treats.
Borys has Protrusion of the Rectum and food allergies. he is on 3 different prescription and now they want him on prescription dog food. It is starting to get out of hand we are pay 200$ pulse on visits and meds and special food. we are a low income family and trying to do right by are dog. but its getting harder to pay the vet. But i was on a German shepherd blog and they were talking about going raw or a healthier dog food and they spoke about the honest kitchen grain free beef and that they started feeding there dog and saw a difference in there dog. We just got are first box and he LOVES it. We did buy the treats as well but just saw they have egg in them and he cant eat and kind of bird products.
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