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Siberian Husky — Age 1
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Baby Brees
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Here I am at one year!
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I'm just too cute!
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Now I'm 2.5 years old and look at me go!
We bought our puppy from a breeder who suggested Blue Wilderness puppy brand. We fed her that and noticed that she had a horrible body odor. We went to our vet and she suggested the honest kitchen due to Brees not digesting kibble well. We thought it was expensive but she suggested adding raw chicken or beef to help the dry food to last longer. Within two days of Brees eating the honest kitchen the body odor was gone! After going through a box my husband said let's try the grain free Blue Wilderness and see how she does now that she is older. We tried the kibble and within a few weeks the odor was back! We now only give her honest kitchen and add raw chicken and fruits and veggies to help it last longer. It's tried and true and we are firm believers in the honest kitchen.
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