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Bridget & Bernie

Pomeranian — Age 7
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My Beautiful Twins
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Born cute as can be!
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Just kept getting cuter!
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And more gorgeous!
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Meet my sweet Poms, Bridget & Bernie. They are brother and sister who we adopted when they were just approx. 1 lb each. They were so tiny and cute and keep getting cuter by the day!
My little guy suffers from epilepsy and I never stop trying to figure out a way to help him. He is the more finicky of my two twins. Bridget loves everything! Bernie is the exact opposite. I tried almost every food you can think of...home cooking and even raw, plus all the tons of dry and canned out there. The most accepted of all the foods I have tried is The Honest Kitchen foods. I do need to add more to them like meat, cheese, and fish to entice Bernie but he will eat it for the most part! I use Love and Zeal and mix the 2 together for a "surf and turf" meal for my twins.
I am happy feeding this food since it has such high ratings and the company is wonderful It is good enough for us to eat so that makes it good enough for my twins!
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