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Chihuahua — Age 12
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Back in Feb'12 my little girl got what I thought was a sinus infection related to allergies. She was having trouble breathing so I rush her into the Vet's Office at 7am. The Vet's wanted to keep her to watch her closely that day. Blood work and tests were done on her so when I picked her up that afternoon (5pm) the Vet said the blood-work compared with the past ones, was leading them to think Brittney had Cushings.

The test for Cushings is painful to the dog and the treatment is just like chemo. and the average life expectancy is only two years after diagnosis is confirmed. I had to make the decision if I wanted to do the test. I needed to do research before I made any decisions. I started to look things up on the internet, but also wanted to find a reference book I could keep. While out shopping at 'Cutter's Mill', I asked the store manager about any books or raw foods, low in fat, since everything so far suggested that was the way to go. The store manager suggested THK to me. I liked what I was reading on the package and decided to give it a try. I also contact THK and they sent me samples and printed articles on Cushings. THK was great, I told all my friends.

Currently we mix in with the food fresh carrots, zucchini and string beans. In the past I cooked ground turkey, brown rice and string beans with dry kibble.

FYI- both her brother and sister were stealing her food, so now all three are on THK.

Now with all this being said, my little girl was over-weight at 26.8 pounds.

As of her last visit, she is now 20.6 pounds, but still needs to loose 2 more pounds.The best news is that at her last visit, the blood levels that lead the Vet to believe the issue was Cushings, dropped into the range of '400's (normal) verses the '1000's as before.

My little girl is back to playing like a puppy again!

Many thanks for such a high quality product!
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