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Weimaraner — Age 11
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Brodie is a very laid back 11 year old Weimaraner who we nearly lost to an undiagnosed kidney infection that went sepsis several weeks ago. After his last meal of his usual dry kibble, he became very ill that evening and by the next day was nearly unable to walk. His vet hospitalized him for 3 days of fluids and antibiotics. We were told 60% of dogs do not recover. Brodie did.

When he was pulled from the edge and was supposed to be eating normally, he still refused his dry kibble. The vet believed it was possible he was attributing his illness to the kibble. So we attempted another brand he once ate. He still refused. We eventually went through multiple samples of other brands. We did find one he eventually would tolerate, but not voraciously. It was heartening, but not what I was hoping for. In the meantime, I helped him with meals of scrambled eggs and oatmeal.

Our vet insisted he had to eat more than that and told us to really jazz up his meals with something completely different. I stumbled on The Honest Kitchen and soon was sharing emails with them. Upon receiving our sample box of Keen, recommended based on our emails, Brodie went absolutely crazy for THK Keen.

In 11 years of being with us, I can honestly say we have never seen him so excited for a meal. He was practically dancing in the kitchen as I prepared his meal. The next day I continued with Keen and when we showed him the box of Keen he literally took a bite out of the cardboard. I'm not joking! Our sample box has a huge rip out of the top!

We are continuing with Keen and love his reactions to the food. We feel very happy at discovering The Honest Kitchen. Thank you!
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