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Boston Terrier — Age 11
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Story picture
Brutus at the time he was diagnosed with 'CIL'. He was down to 14lbs from 22lbs.
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Brutus after switching to Honest Kitchen. As healthy as he ever looked.
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Just our sweet boy as he is now. Happy and healthy.
At the age of 9 our dog, Brutus, was diagnosed with a terrible intestinal condition called Canine Intestinal Lymphangiectasia. This disease essentially robs its victim of protein and other nutrients causing severe weight loss, muscle wasting and eventually, death. It's a fairly rare condition and treatment options were, to say the least, limited.

Brutus was placed on a prescription diet—which worked for about a year. He then began to crash again. Treatments using medication were ruled out due to their severe side effects and we were certain we'd lose him.

It was then Honest Kitchen's 'Preference' brand dog food was recommended to us by another owner of an "L" dog. So, we gave it a try. Honest Kitchen was our last hope.

In less than twelve hours after switching to Honest Kitchen, Brutus' digestion was normal. In a month, he'd put back all of the weight and muscle he'd lost. And six months after switching to 'Preference', his blood work was normal for the first time in two and a half years.

Aside from the fact that Honest Kitchen's food save Brutus' life, he loves the food. Meal time in our home is the most exciting time of the day for Brutus.

Thank you Honest Kitchen for giving us precious more time with our Brutus, time he no longer spends in pain caused by his terrible condition.
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