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Yorkshire Terrier — Age 6
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Jamie "Bubba"
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Bubba - I'm all ears
Bubba is a rescue who started out as a foster and became a member of the family. He constantly gnawed at himself, his ears always had a foul discharge and he threw up nearly every morning no matter what we fed him and we found out that he has an enlarged heart, bile back-up (like acid reflux) and pancreatitis and allergies to grain/gluten & chicken too. He did not tolerate Prescription Diet Foods - they gave him diarrhea on top of everything else. After using Rx medications and not solving the issue, a friend recommended THK to me. Not only does he LOVE Zeal & Quickies but his itching and chewing has become far less obsessive, he is a regular pooper and his weight is where the vet wants him to be. We still have to figure out the environmental allergies but the change in food has improved his quality of life (and ours) tremendously. He's the happy little guy we want him to be thanks to THK for helping Bubba. He also loves Quiet Tea before the groomer.
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