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Dachshund — Age 13
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Bud Man Ready for Dinner
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Me and Mom
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My recent hospital stay at GVS
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Buddy Bond Time with My Mom
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Thank YOU Honest Kitchen
I am 13 years old and I have a best friend and Mom named Michelle. She and I united when I was just a baby and we've been inseparable every since. Michelle originally named me Buddy; but after filling her weekend with playful nights when my brothers and sisters were gone; I then became BUD MAN< I know Michelle has never had a better friend and now that she has found The Honest Kitchen......I can say the same for her LOL.
At age 7 I broke my back and was quickly rushed to Auburn University for surgery. Boy, am I glad Mom moved quick on that one. After recovery I have lived a pretty normal life with the exception of separation anxiety. I LOVE MY MOM just as much as she LOVES ME!!! I have a great doctor that had to prescribe medication because when my mom left me, I began to have anxiety so bad I would shake and cause spasms in my back. Its crazy what love can do!! Mom always came home; but I just always got scared.
Unfortunately, in January of this year; my mom and I had a horrible fall together down a flight of stairs. My mom was bruised from head to toe and broke her finger. My mom cried and cried because on our way down my mom landed on my pelvic bone and it broke. She just knew she had destroyed me; BUT she rushed me to GVS and the docs repaired my broken bone... AFTER the surgery; I just didnt want to eat anymore.. I was just so thirsty and i had reflux SO bad. I wouldn't eat anything. My mom would visit the hospital and sway me to eat; with everything from grilled salmon from our local dive, to a chicken sandwich.. Nothing worked. My mom worried and worried; i had no appetite. The doctors were at a loss because all blood work showed I was fine and had no apparent reason for not eating.
WELL........My mom called my Big Sister and she suggested I try The Honest Kitchen. My Nephew Caesar Pitts eats ZEAL. I was very very hesitant at first. Mom tried VERVE with me at first. EWE.. ...I did not like it, but Mom didn't give up and my Sister suggested changing to FORCE.
I cant BARK enough. I am NO longer anxious. I NO longer have restless nights; no longer have excessive thirst and constipation. You have given me and my mom a BARK-RIFF-IC remedy!!!!
SO let me tell ALL other moms, try other flavors. My mom did; and play time has been this great in years
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