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Rottweiler — Age 1
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Buddy at 6 months. It was his first time seeing snow!
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I adopted Buddy from a family who could no longer keep him. He was 5 months old and already 45 pounds. I was really struggling to control his growth. As with all large breed puppies, growth is very important to monitor and control as it can help prevent or at least reduce future joint and bone issues such as hip dysplasia. The vet said I needed to keep him lean which was not a problem as he was eating 6 cups of food a day and still had very little fat. He also emphasized that he was growing to tall too quickly. I had him on large breed puppy food from diamond. But even this food only provided a minimum level of calcium and phosphorous which I could only find after doing a lot of digging. The vet recommended Science Diet but I refused to feed him that because it was just filled with fillers such as corn and other grains. That's when I found The Honest Kitchen. I loved that it was human grade food designed for the nutritional needs of dogs. The website also provided calcium and phosphorous levels among so many other details but the best part was that it was precise. It wasn't just listed as a minimum or maximum as most foods are but it actually had the precise numbers. Since then my vet has said that Buddy is growing up to be a handsome young dog at PRECISELY the ideal rate not the minimum or maximum. As an added bonus, his coat is extremely shiny and the yard has less fertilizer and he loves his food even more which I didn't think was possible! The only drawback is he doesn't want to eat the old stuff so I have to sprinkle it in to THK food (please don't tell him)! He has always been pretty healthy but now even the vet asks me what I am doing to make him so healthy. 3 words, The Honest Kitchen.
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