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Bichon — Age 8
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Happy Boy!
We took in Buddy as a foster dog in May 2006, and noticed pretty quickly he had lots of issues. For instance, he was frightened of children, he was a resource guarder, he ran and hid under furniture when a man (like my husband) would walk in the room, and he would barf every morning before we got out of bed. We soon got him over the fear of men, but we knew that he more issues than most people could handle, so we decided to adopt the sweet but troubled boy.

To keep Buddy from getting sick each morning, we first kept a strict schedule. We switched foods. I tried feeding Buddy more small meals, including one at bedtime. We tried medicine for acid indigestion. Then we tried switching to grain free food. None of these kept him from barfing in the morning. UNTIL... another foster volunteer said that she heard that Honest Kitchen was good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Lo and behold, our mornings are "heave free".... within days of starting him on Honest Kitchen Force, he no longer has an upset tummy! And knowing that we are feeding him such a high quality food makes us feel good as well... thank you Honest Kitchen!!!
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  2. Dehydrated - Grain Free Fish Recipe (Zeal)

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