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Shetland Sheepdog — Age 8
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Buffy Bailey
Buffy came to our home about two years ago at the age of 6.5. She was one of several dogs at her previous home - the oldest and the 'largest'. Unfortunately, her personality is very submissive and she was the omega dog of that pack. Constantly bullied and seemingly nothing the owner could do was of any help. My husband overheard her talking about Buffy and asked her if she was considering rehoming her. She indeed was. He told her about how we loved Shelties and had wanted to adopt one for a long time. I had a severe loss of hearing earlier that year and was on disability. He worked long hours and wanted me to have someone to look after and keep me busy.

So - in August 2011, Buffy came to our home and has never looked back. She is a very shy dog with strangers and really does not care for most other dogs. This can be a challenge but we're making it through ok. She is definitely her mommy's dog and almost never leaves my side.

Buffy is a very fussy dog - oh my... I had her on different foods. She'll eat them for a while and then literally turn up her nose at them. We started her out on Beneful (don't get me started...) She gained weight (Vet wants her at 20 pounds - she is still about 25 pounds). She's not the world's most active dog, so finding a food that she will like and will help her lose weight without breaking the bank will be wonderful. I have ordered sample sizes of The Honest Kitchen dog foods and will let you know how it goes. From the other stories I've read, it looks promising. I will only feed my Buffy foods with high ratings from reputable reviewers. This does mean paying a bit more - but the cost will be worth it if this keeps my Buffy healthy and happy for a long time. It just isn't worth feeding your furbaby junk foods you can find at the grocery store. That is what they are too., Read the labels and be educated.
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