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Chihuahua — Age 3
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Bug loves to sing along with the high notes
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Bug looking pretty for the camera.
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Bug lending me some moral support at a race.
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Bug trying to "play" with a sleeping kitten.
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I take Bug everywhere - even on the train!
Well, I just wrote a book on this page, accidentally went back to the previous page, and when I came back here it was gone!
Long story short, I have a Chihuahua named Bug, who is 3 years old. He has been my constant companion, despite my chronic illness which left me in bed for many hours, even days at times.
As I began to finally get well (partly due to Bug's ever-vigilant friendship, partly due to an improved diet with supplements), Bug began to get increasingly sick.
We tried all sorts of medications, dietary changes, etc, then we stumbled upon Honest Kitchen's Verve while vacationing in McCall, ID. He has been getting better, and we are now trying samples of some of the other varieties like Love, to see whether these stimulate his fussy appetite a bit.
Laura C. Layton, UT
THK products Bug loves
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