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Pit Bull — Age 4
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"This is all mine!!"
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Buster is my brother's 4 year old pitbull mix. My brother is currently deployed over seas, so we are watching his dogs for him! Buster is a very active dog, so it can be hard to keep weight on him and combine that with his picky eating, he was looking a little thin but was all muscle. Buster also was having some skin issues. He had dry and flaky skin and was having some spots on the back of his legs that was missing fur. We did research on Honest Kitchen and was impressed so we decided to try it. That was probably the best decision we have every made! Buster's coat is shiny and he no longer has flaky skin! His fur is nice and thick for his breed! He has also put on about 10-12 pounds, it is mainly more muscle! Honest Kitchen has helped build more muscle and preserve the muscles! Buster get so excited for feeding time now! He will jump all around and drool everywhere! The results have been mind blowing! I definitely recommend Honest Kitchen to anyone whose dog is having skin, weight, appetite or bowel issues! We love Honest Kitchen and are so happy with the results!!
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