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German Shepherd — Age 10
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little baby 'Boose - just 13 weeks
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A moose toy for a pillow or a friend? Why not both!
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babysitting foster kittens - his "retirement" job
Caboose was never a dog to turn down a meal - never a heavy dog, just a lover of all things delicious. From puppyhood through seniorhood, no matter what I put in his bowl, he would gobble it up with gusto. That means it was up to me to fill his bowl with the best, most nutritious food I could find. Puppyhood was tough for Caboose; allergies quickly sent us down the path of trying to find "novel proteins", even trying Prescription foods. Although he still ate anything I put in front of him, it was clear that even the "allergy-friendly" diets weren't good for his overall health. Plagued with chronic bladder infections and ear infections, a friend asked if I'd tried cooking for him instead. Concerned about the meeting the nutritional demands of a very active, growing pup, I searched the internet for something that would fit the bill. I happened upon The Honest Kitchen and never looked back. His weight was easy to manage, his allergy symptoms were gone, and he was always receiving compliments on his good looks. Starting with Embark, then Zeal, then eventually moving to Preference combined with raw meat and organs, good health was easy and delicious for this lucky boy. He was the anti-shepherd for most of his life - free from hip problems, skin problems, or any other health issue. Many German Shepherds are in rough shape by the time they hit 8 or 9, but he was defying the odds and loving life. His luck changed last year, however, with a spinal injury, then a cancer diagnosis. The first thing our new vet asked was what was I feeding. Thrilled at the answer, the only thing he had us change was from Preference to the (at the time) brand new Kindly formula. I had a growing puppy, then an allergy-stricken adolescent, then a sporting dog, then a recovering dog, and eventually a cancer-stricken dog. I was able to do the very best for him and keep up with his nutritional needs with a simple change of the box. I have no doubt that the wonderful nutrition had much to do with how long he remained healthy. It's hard to beat the odds in a breed predisposed to so much, but feeding great food was an easy way to try. And although he was unable to beat the cancer long-term, I will forever be thankful for so many good years together.
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