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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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Cara was a rescue; we got here in Colorado when she was 7 or 8 weeks old. But she was not from Colorado she was shipped here from Oklahoma- meaning she was so small when she was left alone without the benefit of her mom, which I learned leads to a LOT of health issues.

From the start, Cara did not want to eat the science diet the shelter sent us home with (which was fine by me- I dislike kibble). My old dog had been on Honest Kitchen and I decided that while we were also dealing with Kennel Cough, Demodex Mange, then CPV and several eye infections at least I could support her system with really wholesome food and this little puppy LOVED your food! She ate as soon as we put her food down and finished it all. Her coat was shiny, she wasn’t scratching herself. Not to mention she maintained the perfect body weight when she became full grown.

However she was still catching anything and everything she possibly could. My vet at the time who liked science diet kept saying she didn’t like the food I was giving Cara (because she was unfamiliar with it) and finally bullied me into putting her on kibble stating that the gastrointestinal issues Cara was having could be due to her raw diet. So I switched her to grain free “wholesome kibble”, the best of the kibbles. Cara ate it but did not Love it. In one month my 50lb dog put on 10 lbs! In addition to the added 10lbs Cara was also scratching more and her coat was not as glossy as it normally was and she started getting ear infections. I immediately put her back on Honest Kitchen food (because the gastro problems persisted with the kibble anyway).

It has taken a year of your food and lots of exercise (with an extremely active dog) to drop the added kibble weight but we did it! Her scratching stopped and her coat shines. Cara is going in for surgery next month (she was severely under developed due to the shelter fixing her so young and was getting a LOT of skin infections because of it). Now I am with a vet who is supportive of my dog and my choices for her health and I know that with our care and the support from your company’s food she has the best shot as a speedy recovery we can give her. I have seen now with 2 dogs the impact your food can make. It is striking and I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for looking out for our dogs and making them such wonderful food!

*Update- Cara had surgery and she healed up better than the Drs expected! She now has a clean bill of health and is loving life. I know that her system is still weak, and that she may never develop a full immune system, but I know that through good medical care and a solid nutritional foundation we have her at top shape and can expect many wonderful healthy years with her. Thank you.
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