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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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I cannot say enough about this food! Cedar is our LabaShep as we call him. He had horrible shedding issues, chewed his feet, itched his ears and would turn his nose up at most foods unless they contained fish but not always. We also have a 10 mos old female Rottie named Summer who also had skin/coat issues, as well as the common sensitivity to foods that Rottweilers have. Once I did my homework and switched them to a Raw and Whole food diet, I started seeing results. We dont always have raw food available so I looked into the Honest Kitchen for a product that had what my dogs needed and were missing before and was able to use these products along with fresh raw foods to extend our supplies. So glad I found the HK. My dogs loved it immediately! My rottie began laying by her food bowl in the morning anticipating her next meal. My every move is watched now by both dogs, even Cedar the picky eater.....or maybe he wasnt so picky after all....he probably knew something we didnt about his old kibble diet that we all the crap that shouldnt be in it in the first place like the low and poor quality ingredients, added chemicals and processing, rotten meats, and whatever else the kibble company could add as a filler not to mention all those recalls!!!! I cant even count how many times I switched their food. Two happy campers now. They have beautiful coats, the itching and scratching has stopped, and they love to EAT now. Thank you Honest Kitchen!
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  1. Dehydrated - Whole Grain Chicken Recipe (Revel)

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