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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 10
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Cesear is a 10 years old and 6 months German shepherd mix. I have had him since he was just 8 weeks old. Over the years we have tried many different dog foods. Some he liked a little more than others but there was never one where he gobbled up all his food and begged for more. In February of this year we went in for his six month senior check-up at the vet. It was at this appointment that we were told the heartbreaking news. Cesear has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. He was having a hard time keeping food down and he turned his nose up to the kibble food. We spent the last few months cooking him all sorts of homemade meals. Sometimes he would eat and sometimes he would turn his nose up to the food and walk away. There were even times he would turn down his favorite meals.

I told the vet this and they gave us medication to try enticing him to eat. Again, sometimes this worked and other times not so much. Cesear was losing a lot of weight. One day I was telling my coworker about this. She told me she had this awesome food that she had yet to see a dog turn down. She brought me in a sample of the Embark Honest Kitchen. We gave it a shot and Cesear LOVED it. He even seemed to want more of it. I went to a local store and was only able to find the Keen box. We gave it a shot and he wasn't as crazy about this one but, still ate it. Our other two dogs however, absolutely loved the Keen. Valkyrie is a 5 year old Belgian Malinois and she begs for more. Sammy is a lab mix and is only a year he seems to prefer when we switch his meals up.

I ordered a box of the Embark for Cesear and a 10lb box of keen for the other two dogs. After talking with my husband we decided we are switching all of the dogs over to the honest kitchen! We ordered samples and found some that the dogs prefer over the others. Sammy seems to really enjoy the fish one. We will be ordering more boxes here soon. We love the honest kitchen. It has only been a few weeks since we made the switch but, we can already tell the difference in the dog’s health.

We have been telling everyone we know about The Honest Kitchen. There has never been a dog food that I have felt the need to try and push my friends to make the switch until now. I’m so impressed with the quality and the company in general. We had a box arrive and the bag inside had a rip. I called the company and left a message about the box. My husband received a phone call back a few hours later. They gladly sent us another box, free of charge. Not many companies would do that. This is a company that I gladly will give a 5 star review for!
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