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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 9
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The left image is his after photo. Barely any mouth stains!
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Down to a healthy weight!
A little over 6 months ago Charlie was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowl Disease. He was having diarrhea, vomiting, and was very lethargic. With a bland homemade diet and medications he seemed to be doing just okay. Well I put him on The Honest Kitchen base mix Kindly and than I cook pork (he's sensitive to poultry) for him as his protein and he is now doing amazing! He has lost 6 pounds and is down to a healthy weight. He no longer has diarrhea or vomits. He no longer gets the tear stains or stains around his mouth, and his coat is incredibly soft. He also used to reverse sneeze quite a lot and he's only done it once since switching him. The most significant difference though is his energy levels. He honestly acts like a puppy again! He also gets two supplements a day of milk thistle and turmeric but The Honest Kitchen has changed Charlie all around for the better! So glad we found this food and decided to switch him off kibble!
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