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Labrador Retriever — Age 4
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Charlie Midnight Moon
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Baby Charlie
Charlie Moon became a part of our family when he was just 6 weeks old. We went to see him and his brothers and sisters at 4 weeks and out of all 10 of them he came to us. It was love at first sight. He fell asleep in my arms with his little tongue sticking out. Too sweet! When he was weened from his momma, we brought him home. He was the sweetest little thing. We carried him EVERYWHERE. Of course, now at 100 lbs there is NO carrying at all. He grew quickly and has always been a very healthy boy.

Charlie loves to play. He will play 24-7 if we let him. We take him to the park to run and retrieve. He can catch a ball, frisbee, ANYTHING we throw and will bring it back. He is obsessed with frisbees!!! Though he is now 4 years old and likes to nap more than he used to, there is no sign of him slowing down anytime soon. He is always ready to play. We take him to pet store where he likes to select his own toy. It is amazing how smart he is. I can tell him to go get his pig toy and out of all of the toys he has...he brings me the pig. Our fur kid is extra special to us. I can't imagine him not being a part of our family.

Charlie Moon is an amazing boy! We are lucky to have him!
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