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Dachshund — Age 7
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Charlie spending time on the beach.
By the time Charlie was 5, his maximum attained weight was 26 lbs. For a small dachshund-maltese mix, this was overweight. He was lethargic, unwilling to go on walks, and soon started to exhibit symptoms of what several vets deemed as "possible Cushings disease". Medication for this disease is almost $7 a day for the rest of the dog's life. An investment we'd be willing to make, but I wanted to try changing his diet first. Although the vet assured me after expensive blood tests and an ultrasound that diet would not change anything, I decided to give it a go anyway - what harm could it do? Charlie was constantly hungry, and slowly limiting his food intake over time simply resulted in more whining at all hours of the night. On a name brand store-bought hard dog food, Charlie was exhibiting skin issues, and developed an intolerance for grain. After switching to the Honest Kitchen grain free food, his life began to turn around. Today, at age 7, he weighs 16 lbs and his symptoms of Cushings disease are almost non-existent. He is extremely active and his improved situation led a new vet to tell us that medication was not needed. The Honest Kitchen changed his life and saved us money.
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