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Charlie and Mika

Japanese Chin — Age 5
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Charlie and Mika- the "tail" of two Chins
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Clicker training
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Love Bites
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Charlie the Chin
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Mika the Menace

Charlie is my 12 yr old Japanese Chin and Mika the Menace is our new 1 yr old Chin. Charlie has been difficult to feed throughout the years. Dealing with digestive issues, allergies, and an overall difficult time trying to figure out what to feed him and what he likes. Adding Mika into the mix 6 months ago, added a whole other bag of issues. While training, she was not motivated by food or treats. Meal time was an awful, long process, that overall ended with me begging them to eat and failing. Charlie was kind of eating Hills Digestive mixed with anything I could add, plus medication for constipation (tried all the natural remedies and nothing worked). Mika was eating a bit of Stella and Chewy's, but only wanted Charlies food with the meds mixed in and Charlie only Mikas food which would cause allergies and make him constipated. It was a struggle, an enormous amount of money and heartbreaking. After trying countless different foods, upsetting their digestive tracks, etc.....I stumbled across The Honest Kitchen. I emailed the team (very, very helpful! thank you Eden) and started slowly adding the food. VOILA! Within, 3 weeks my dogs are eating, licking their plates and chops clean! They have boundless energy, allergies have vanished, healthy poops, and the medication! I can't even begin to express how THANKFUL I am for this company and food! I have two healthy pups and a happy heart! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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