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German Shepherd — Age 7
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Officer Nicole Rasmussen & K9 Chase
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At 1 1/2 years old, Chase started training as a Police K9 and has been my partner at the St. Paul Police Department ever since. Chase is a patrol and explosives detection K9, a role for which success and safety depend on his physical well being and strength.
When I first got Chase, he was on a standard kibble diet. His stools were always loose and despite trying aobut 5 different kinds of kibble and several supplements, things never improved much. There were several short periods of relief, during which Chase would at least have some solid stools and put on more weight, but eventually things always deteriorated. Several years ago, Chase hit a low point and was simply not tolerating any of the kibble that had been working to keep him going. He was in so much pain that he didn't even want to lay down at times, as it hurt his stomach too much. It was clear that Chase was in trouble, and as his partner and best friend, it broke my heart to see him in so much pain. And even though he was struggling so much, he still loved going to work and wanted to give all of his energy to go after "bad guys" and perform explosives searches to keep the public safe. There was absolutely nothing I wasn't willing to do to help him, but we just couldn't figure out how to solve the problems he was facing. Numerous veterinary tests were run and evaluations resulted in a presumption that Chase had imflammatory bowel disease. Chase was put on a prescription diet and started on medications. However, the first prescription diet didn't take either and we were only temporarily getting by on a different prescription canned food. It was at that point I began my own extensive research about dietary issues for dogs with inflammatory bowel disease.
After spending countless hours online, searching through forums and contacting others who had been in similar situations, I formulated a list of ideal qualities for Chase's diet. This list was also based on particulars of Chase's past diets and his response to certain ingredients. Here's what I came up with: easily digestible, fish-based, limited number of ingredients, no chicken, low fat. I also knew that kibbles fitting this profile were not an option as an exclusive diet, since for some reason Chase's body simply wasn't tolerating an all kibble diet. I scoured internet sites and came up with one promising option: Honest Kitchen Zeal. After testing some trial size Zeal packets and finding that Chase loved it and had no adverse reactions, I special ordered our first box. Initially, I mixed the Zeal with a limited ingredient diet kibble and Chase did great with the combo, but eventually Chase's body stopped tolerating the kibble altogether. It's been over a year and a half now that Chase has been on the Zeal exclusively, and he has had ZERO flare-ups / relapses during this time. He feels great, his stools are solid, and his weight is finally back up to what it should be. You can imagine what a difference that makes for a highly active Police K9!
Chase gives all of himself to protect me, other Officers, and citizens. He's an extremely brave and courageous dog that loves his work. I couldn't ask for a better partner and I'm grateful to The Honest Kitchen for allowing me to provide Chase with Zeal, so that he can feel as great as he deserves!
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