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Golden Retriever — Age 12
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From the bottom of my heart Thank you for making honest good food for my furry canine companions! I have been cooking food for my 2 large older dogs, 65 & 85lbs, for over 5 years. Every 3-4 days and its exhausting, to slow cook 6lbs of chicken and bake 3lbs of turkey w/pureed veggies & fruits. When my friend Jackie told me about Honest Kitchen and we tried a sample of Force. After a month, it is Hallelujah! My dread of cooking is over and my deep concerns about what they are eating has been eliminated. I will not feed them anything I can't eat myself.

I have lost 1 of my pals (Kelly) to a heart tumor. But Chase's digestion has improved, including his bowel movements. His coat is as shiney and soft as when I was cooking. We are all very healthy & happy. Now I have more time to share with him!
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