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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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We adopted Chip this past winter from a shelter down in North Carolina. He had been abused in his past home, and was eventually taken from the home by the police. He then went from kill shelter to kill shelter before being taken in by a foster home. I'm sure the foster home wanted the best for our dog, but once we finally adopted him we realized he had been very poorly taken care of. He came to us covered in scabs and underweight. It turns out he had mange, kennel cough, a parasite, and slowly began losing the majority of his fur. We practically lived at the vets office for the first few months we had him, finding out all new illnesses that he had. We had him on a high quality kibble, but because he was so sick he would barely eat. We became very concerned about all of the fur loss and the vet could not figure out what it was from. We put him on a limited ingredient diet which sort of helped. I began researching all about different dog foods and became very conscious of what we were feeding to Chip. I read about The Honest Kitchen and immediately ordered samples. Our dog loved it!! Once we began feeding it to him on a regular basis, we began to see a difference in his fur. The fur began to grow back and became so soft and shiny!! He seems so happy now, and I believe The Honest Kitchen has played a huge part in that!
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