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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 8
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Chupa loves the sport of K9 Nose Work!
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Chupacabra does lots of training to reduce her reactivity.
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Emotionally intelligent Chupacabra.
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Chupacabra is incredibly loving
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Chupacabra loves K9 Nose Work!
We adopted Chupacabra from the local humane society at 10 months old. She had a lot of stomach issues when we first got her and it took us a long time to find what worked best for her. She loves Honest Kitchen and recruited her sister and cousin pups to the cause!

She is incredible empathetic to the feelings of her humans. She provides comfort and love no matter the situation. Sometimes this high level of emotional intelligence can lead her to be anxious and worried, but we do lots of training and have enrolled in the sport of K9 Nose Work. It not only gives her confidence and improves her problem solving abilities, but it also strengthens our bond.
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