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Clovis and Ebu

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Healthy Pugs, Happy Mama!
My story is a quest for healthy, safe, clean food for two precious pugs. It goes back years but here's a condensed version. Clovis, age 5, a fawn female from a good breeder. Ebu, age 8, a male rescued from a high-kill facility. Clovis, a picky eater because she was spoiled from babyhood. Ebu not so picky. He had a hard life before he was found on the streets running away from his owner. Health issues: both pugs have a hard time swallowing due to their breed and tend to choke on kibble and big pieces of food. Both have allergies to certain things and Clovis has a big issue with yeast. Ebu has an iron stomach. Clovis has Acid Refux and IBS. She was checked at the vet and does not have pancreatitis although she often displayed the same symptoms. She was prone to UTI's but THK is great because I can add lots of water to the food. Before Ebu was rescued he had a high case of heart worms. They successfully treated him but he is not as active as he could have been and can't run as fast as Clovis. Here's why we love THK: the food is easy to mix and easy for pugs to swallow and digest. Super clean food sourced from safe places! The pugs are healthy! Coats are shiny, dander is down and, yeast levels are way down so itchy skin is at a minimum. Folds and wrinkle and ears are under control! Both have energy they didn't before the THK. Clovis is picky so I put 3 or 4 Quickies on their food and that takes care of that. She eats all her food. Clovis does not get sick on a strict diet of THK and Bone Broth and Quickies. She doesn't need a belly med! Ebu has more energy than ever thanks to quality nutrition. Yay! I've tried dozens of other brands of food, all popular brands. I tried raw food diets from home delivery to cooking my own. THK is by far the best food I can buy and feed my babies. I have trusted the lives of my beloveds to THK for years now and I know this food is the reason my pugs are so healthy. If your dog is picky and nothing works to transition to THK try a sprinkle of boiled chicken on their meals until they adjust. Dogs don't know what's best for them and will eat garbage if they've been used to it. Thank you, THK!!!
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