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Retriever — Age 7
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Clyde Before - upon arrival.
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Clyde Before - A few weeks after arrival, still severely underweight
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Clyde After - Happy, healthy and doing well!
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Clyde After - His coat looks great!
Clyde originally came to us as our foster dog in January 2017, but within just a day or two, we knew he was forever home with us. There was just no way we were ever letting this sweet boy go! Clyde arrived after having suffered months of neglect. He was severely underweight, his eyes and ears were infected, and he also had a chronic skin infection. His skin infection, both a bacterial and a yeast infections had gone untreated for so long, he had lost the majority of his coat. Clyde was so skinny, he was only given a body condition score of 1.5. He was also diagnosed with spondylosis and arthritis throughout his lower back and hind.

When Clyde arrived with us, I went to my local specialty pet food store in search for a wholesome and nutritious dog food that would help Clyde slowly gain weight, while also being gentle on his stomach. I was introduced to THK and I haven't fed Clyde and my other two dogs anything but THK since. Clyde has healthily gained back the weight he so desperately needed, and is now a happy, healthy and lean 82 pounds. He's not once had a digestive issue while eating his THK food and he has transformed from a dog who never wanted to finish his food, to a dog who leaves the bowl squeakily clean. I exclusively feed Clyde THK recipes that are grain-free, low in carbs, and high in protein. Along with medication, those THK recipes have been a critical tool in helping us keep Clyde's yeast infections under control. By now, almost all of his hair has grown back and he looks wonderful! Despite being in such bad physical shape when he arrived with us, Clyde's spirit never wavered. From day one, he has been the sweetest, gentlest and happiest dog who gets very excited when its mealtime and the THK box comes out!
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