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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 9
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Cole is the leader of the pack! He is a Shepherd / Husky mix and loves to express himself with a true Husky howl. He announces cars, people, delivery trucks, and antelope crossings on our property with the same exuberance. His true joys come from takin
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Cole as a puppy.
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Cole on "his" recliner.
We got Cole as a puppy and he was always so curious. It was that curiosity though that led to his first snake bite at just 9 months old, the same curiosity that led to his second snake bite at a year old and the same curiosity that led him to the horse corral -- where he got a paw stepped on by one of our horses.

Nothing stopped him though, a shot of rattlesnake antivenin after the first bite, an overnight stay in the Pet ER for the second rattlesnake bite, a walking cast put on by a dog orthopedist and he was back to doing what he does best, curiously perusing all things that moved about in his world!

However, now at 9 those injuries have caught up with him a bit. His gait became less smooth, his ability to run and chase a rabbit lessened by age and then by arthritis of the healed paw. We also saw him in a lot of pain associated with doing everyday things like, climbing stairs to get to his favorite pillow for bed and being much less interested in eating than ever before. It was just though to watch your once vibrant pup decline.

We set out on a mission to find some kind of relief for our pup and we were successful.... at finding a lot of things that wouldn't work! It was either the taste or if we got him to eat it once he wouldn't again, the smell, he wouldn't even consider it or the method of delivery - after a lot of penicillin and peanut butter sandwiches associated with all of his injuries, this pup was not fooled by any kind of pill in a sandwich.

And then.... I found Honest Kitchen on a search engine and the supplement Lithe. Once we got the tea in the mail, we mixed it up the same night and added it to his food with great anticipation we waited..... and he licked his bowl cleaned and then looked at us, as if to say, "more please".

After 2 weeks on the Lithe Tea we could not believe the dramatic difference we saw, Cole actually came to his bowl with excitement for meals. After 3 months, he ran not only to the bowl for the meals, but after rabbits, the other things that struck his curiosity. The Lithe Tea has made such an important difference for Cole; it gave him back a quality of life that every dog deserves even into their senior years.

Thank you Honest Kitchen for such an amazing, life-changing product!
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