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Golden Retriever — Age 10
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My skin is healthy & my coat is oh sooo soft!
I adopted Comet May of 2013 and he is 10 yrs old now. Comet's owner had to be put into a retire home and their family didn't want to keep Comet. When the rescue retrieved him they noticed he needed to be neutered. Then a foster family took care of him until he could be adopted. I saw his picture and asked if we could meet him. They explained he had some skin condition because he wouldn't stop scratching. Their vet put him on antibiotics, & an over dosage of allergy pills, which made him tired all the time and panting constantly. I offered the solution of THK's food, no kidding and provided them with information from THK website on possible food allergy. They were so impressed and said I must be the right person to adopt him. So Chase and I drove to Claremont to meet Comet. The Foster parents told me they fed him Costo/Kirkland dog food, which we know is just pure junk. They said he had a funny smell, which I noticed and his fur was dry and his tail was balled and he was very skinny for a Golden Retriever of his size. Comet came home with us that day! I knew I could make him healthy and happy, with THK. Chase's beautiful coat, skin, eyes and digestion was a direct result of THK. Poor Comet had a skin staph infection and appears they didn't bath him. It took 3 washes to get all the dirt. Plus my vet took him off the all meds, and put him on just 1 to address the staph infection. My vet is a big THK promoter & sells THK food and supplements too, so we are in good hands. I learned how to shave him and saw how horrible the infection was. My poor sweet Comet was miserable and no one bother to figure out why. Well his fur grew back beautiful, shiny, and puppy soft and his tail is full and gorgeous! The picture shows how truly happy he is with 2 toys in his mouth and no panting except after a long hike in the hills. Thank you THK for being an essential part in our adoption of Comet and for his continued health and happiness! We are very thankful for all that you do everyday! Truly , Sherra & Comet
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