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American Shorthair — Age 3
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Cookie happily rolling around on the floor
I have two cats, Tofu, a five year old Siamese mix, and a 3 year old named Cookie. Cookie has struggled with ear issues since she was about a year old. She's had several ear infections, and she has struggled with itchy, dirty ears even when they weren't infected.
I tried many different foods, canned, kibble, and a combination of the two from many different brands, all what I considered high quality and natural. But she continued to always scratch at her ears, and they seemed constantly dirty when I cleaned them, even within several days. I tried different ingredients, grain-free, everything I could think of that might be a food allergy which is what my vet and I felt was the most likely cause, but even if her scratching eased, her ears remained almost constantly dirty. For an indoor only cat, this was very strange and concerning for me.
I decided to try Honest Kitchen foods and could not be more happy that I did! Cookie only scratches occasionally now, and I feel its more out of habit. More importantly, when I cleaned her ears today to see how they were doing, they were clean! And, it'd been over two months since I'd cleaned them, since I started the Honest Kitchen. I've never seen her ears this clean! I'm so happy at the improvement! And, she loves the food, as does Tofu, who tends to be picky about his food. I am a very happy customer and will continue to feed Honest Kitchen to both of my cats and my dog for years to come. Thank you Honest Kitchen!
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