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Vizsla — Age 12
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This is a happy boy now, thriving on Honest Kitchen!

Cooper is 12 and developed auto-immune disease 2 years ago following a life time of severe allergy problems. In January he developed pretty severe digestive issues and the vet put him on a prescription diet. We still have regular bouts of loose stool and diarrhea, even with this food. His energy level was low and he didn't have those "bright eyes" he displays when he is feeling good. When I looked at the ingredients in the prescription food, I knew I had to get him weaned off that as soon as possible. Over the past 6 months, I tried several premium brand dog foods and have been unsuccessful in transitioning him off the prescription diet. I first tried Honest Kitchen a few months ago for my other dog who is a very picky eater and he loved it! Last week, I wondered if Cooper could tolerate Honest Kitchen so I introduced it slowly with just a few tablespoons in his prescription diet kibble. No diarrhea and the next day, well formed stool, the best he had in months! (I know, its ridiculous to get so excited about this, but for those of you who have dogs with digestive problems, a good stool is noteworthy for us). The next day I mixed half a cup in with his kibble, thinking this was the true test - again, perfect stools and less stooling during the day!!!! Last night, I gave him a full serving of Honest Kitchen (Embark) and no kibble, and today's results? Drum roll please!! Perfect stools. I am so excited to have found a high quality food that Cooper can eat (quite enthusiastically) I might add and doing so well. Thank you Honest Kitchen for making such a wonderful food and Cooper thanks you as well!

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