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Dachshund — Age
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Daisy relaxing on pile of clean socks after an enjoyable meal of FORCE
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If I am ever sad, I just have to look at this picture of Daisy, to smile !
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She loves to frolic in the snow .
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under the weather
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Daisy was not a finicky dog when it came to eating and her weigh continued to blossom over a 2-year period. When she was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, I decided take to take action. I researched what pet food was grain - free and was not bulging with fillers and unnamed animal parts- it was easy to make the choice to Honest Kitchen Force.
Both of my dogs have tried the other varieties of Honest Kitchen grain free and seem to love them all. This food is like "crack" for them- they run down the hall fast when I say "time to eat"- its hysterical. Best part, Daisy's has lost the necessary weight to make her healthier and her coat shines. She is one happy dog !
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